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Are you into food? Do you like company? Are you -at least a tiny bit- tired of shallow talk accompanying even the most delightful culinary creations? Would you love to combine good cuisine with good thought?

These are some of the goals behind a relatively recent non-profit experiment called Philosophy Dinners. Referring back to Hume one could summarise his idea along the lines of “Truth springs from argument amongst friends (when accompanied by good food).” I have not had the opportunity to check out this neat combination of practical philosophy and yummy food since the founder Glen Brauer could not rally the necessary “critical mass” where I live. If you are in the same seat as I am, do not despair, for Glen is currently starting an online version of Philosophy Dinners, viz. Philosophy Chats. What sounds like a second-rate copy of the original event could actually be a perk for true introverts and for those who want to have maximum authority about what to eat to each topic. After all, some people might strongly object to eating steak while talking about detachment. 😉