Dear all,

My publishing frequency has been very low as of lately, and I just wanted to inform everyone about the story behind it and the implications for the future.

(1) I am writing “research-heavy” blog post (check, for instance, the literature  list in my most recent post), and I have finally come to the realisation that writing such posts takes more of my leisure time than what I had anticipated.

(2) Life at work has been CRAZY this year, but its going to get calmer next year.

(3) One of the outcomes of the conference I arranged together with Justin McKeown and Rob van Kranenburg has been that  I have commenced several scholarly activities with contributors of the conference, which leaves even less time for blogging.

(4) I have finally started cleaning out old projects (mostly in the scholarly realm) and I am getting them ready for publication in suitable journals, etc.


This does not sum up to me abandoning this blog, but I am abandoning a firm publication roster. I will publish what I have once its ready, in time, and the resulting publication pattern will be rather sporadic and maybe even bursty.

The near future

Four blog posts are already in the pipe and almost finalised, and they will go up before the end of January. Among those is the -so far- final part in my series “Our stories, our world.” After that: your guess is as good as mine. Once I get some of my scholarly publications “out of the way,” I’ll most likely write some focus blog posts about topics they address that might be of interest for my “regular” readers.

Subscription is the way to go

If you want to make sure that you, despite my anticipated, erratic publication pattern, are not missing any of my posts, subscription is, IMHO, the way to go (and yes, I’d love to see you as a subscriber too …). for options see the menu bar on the right.