Thoughtful soul; researcher at work, wonderer and ponderer during my off time.

I am the one who could suddenly freeze in front of you on the pavement, marvelling at all the things that had to happen for the houses, the street, the cars, the people I am looking at to be there, including oh so many super novas, from which we originate, and also including oh so many childbirths gone right so that I could stand there and marvel.

I welcome you to my quiet island of thought.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you and likewise! Looking forward to reading your blog in 2014!

  2. Thank you for visiting and following my blog, I appreciate it! You’ve got a lovely blog here! 🙂

  3. Jonah Steinhaus said:

    Anyone who remembers Max Weber is a friend of mine! I got my advanced degree from The City of New York in sociology and have had a career in psychotherapy and group dynamics. I’m retired now, living in an assisted-living center, hungry for conact with intelligent others, one of which seems to be you!!

    Am I too forward? Yup, it’s true. Oh well. Now to get on with reading your blog.

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